Integrated Micro Finance Management System

Savings Management

  • Configurable Unlimited number of Savings Products fully integrated with Financial
  • Accounts such as Compulsory Savings, Voluntary Savings, Special Savings and
  • Other types of savings.
  • Parameterized Savings Product definition
  • Savings periodicity (weekly, Fortnightly/Bi-weekly, Monthly/Four-weekly)- Flexible Interest Rate
  • Interest calculation Method (Daily Product, Monthly Minimum Balance, and Monthly Last Balance Method)
  • Interest accrual on monthly / yearly basis.
  • Accrued interest application at the end of each year.
  • Options are available for irregular savings collection, Savings Refund, Savings Interest     payment.
  • Information hierarchy
    • Member Level
    • Group Level
    • F/W (Field Worker) Level
    • Branch Level
    • Head Office Level
    • Consolidation Level