Integrated Micro Finance Management System

Loan Portfolio Management

  • Unlimited number of Loan Products fully integrated with Financial Accounts
  • Parameterized Loan Product definition
  • Loan periodicity (weekly, Fortnightly/Bi-weekly, Monthly/Four-weekly, One-time, User-specific etc)
  • Flexible Service Charge Rate
  • Flexible Service Charge calculation Method (Flat Rate, Reducing Balance Method)
  • Service Charge Collection Method (Flat Rate, Reducing Balance Method)
  • Penalty / Re-schedule parameters
  • Loan Ceiling parameters
  • Auto Generation of Loan Repayment Schedule considering weekly and yearly Holidays.
  • Auto Generation of daily collection sheet at the opening of any typical day.
  • Tracking of loan aging and Loan Loss provision.
  • Strong Management of Loan Overdue, Advance, fractional installment collection etc.
  • Options available for irregular loan collection, Adjustment of Savings amount with Loan amount etc.
  • Saving Module linked with Loan Module