CHARKA is an end to end integrated online ERP software which can be implemented quickly in distributed organizational structure and delivers results from day one, ensuring high return on your investments. CHARKA provides a platform for effective management and control of the entire business process.

CHARKA is designed to raise your organizational productivity level to new benchmark enabling additional work with same resources.



Track, Analyze and Improve your Business Operations by ERP Software. It tells you the full story with real data. It gets busy in quick serve you didn’t know earlier. There’s no time to step back and see the full picture. And with ERP Software, you don’t need to be in dark. While you focus on keeping your customers happy, CHARKA is your right hand....

Whether it's a unique enterprise-level solution or at individual franchise locations, CHARKA is built to make your business to run smarter way-

  • Spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about business Operation.
  • Stay on top of management and reduce bottleneck of management
  • Reduce your operational costs Simplify management of transactions – Purchase, Inventory, Sales, Staff management, Accounts
  • Share responsibilities and data among team members


See, How Software’s register increases your profit. CHARKA is your trusted partner to register entire industrial function especially for RMG Industries.

Transaction with satisfaction - Software’s register is fast, versatile and customizable to your business.

Register Harmony - Software registers; keep checks and your staff, working in sync.

Integrate all the Functional Departments in single platform - Lack in integration keeps your operation in dark. Integrate through CHARKA ERP and enjoy the best benefit.

Manage like a boss - Stay on top of management and report straight from the register end to end


The boring word but dramatic results

Analyze - know everything inside the business, every decision is an educated one. Software compiles the data so you can pile the profit.

Work Smarter - Software shows you the full picture, so you can understand and fine-tune

Skyrocket Profit - Make fact-based decisions to consistently grow business and profitability

Make intelligent connections by seeing all of your transactions in one convenient place

Check your key data from anywhere with our Pocket™ app

Happy to report for all the business demands Merchandising, Commercial, HRM, Attendance, Payroll, Inventory and Financial Accounts


  • Sample Development Program and Follow-up
  • Export Order Details with Style gallery
  • Material Requirements planning BOM &Estimated Order Costing (budgeting)
  • Time & Action Plan
  • Early Warning and Post Warning System
  • Approval Processes (Sample, Lab dip, Accessories)
  • Purchase Order Management (Yarn Dyeing, Accessories)
  • Export Order Closure
  • Supplier Details entry (Contract Details)
  • Import / Back to back LC details&
  • Import Bills entry
  • Import invoice
  • Export LC details entry and amendments
  • Pre Shipment Documentation
  • Post Shipment Documentation
  • LC negotiation
  • Export proceed realization
  • Sample Export / Import Information
  • LC wise Commercial expenses entry
  • Commercial consumption or Bond Account entry
  • Employee’s personal information& Historical Data
  • Employee’s Official information Management
  • Recruitment Information (Job Offer, Confirmation, Appointment etc.)
  • Increment, Promotion &Transfer Management
  • Leave management
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Employee’s Yearly performance appraisal Management
  • Employee Separation, Final Settlement and Clearance Management
  • Daily requisition for Expenses from Petty Cash
  • Attendance information capture from Attendance devices
  • Department & Employee wise shift Management
  • On-duty Absent and Late Management
  • Attendance and Overtime Adjustment
  • Daily Missed out punch management
  • Daily and Monthly Attendance reports
  • Employees’ Salary Structure (Pay-scale) Setup
  • Employees’ Festival Bonus Management
  • Arrear Salary Information Entry
  • Income Tax Information Management
  • Loan and Advance Management
  • Bank &Cash basis Salary Configuration
  • Fine Deduction Information
  • No-Work Management
  • Monthly & Yearly Salary Sheet printout for Fixed and Production Basis Employees
  • Pay-Slip printout for Fixed and Production Basis Employees
  • Different kinds of Overtime Statements
  • Salary Forecasting
  • Employee’s Loan and Advance Statements
  • Employee’s PF Statements
  • Different Allowance Sheet (Friday, Night & Off-day etc.)
  • Employee wise production cost sheet
  • Layer wise Inventory Item Setup (Yarn / Accessories / Packing Items / Chemical Items / Stationery items etc.)
  • Store / Rack / Bin Setup
  • Supplier and Subcontractor Details Entry
  • Opening Stock Entry
  • Items Receipts from Supplier (Yarn / Accessories /Packing Items / Chemical Items / Stationery items etc.)
  • Items Return to Supplier (Yarn / Accessories / Packing Items / Chemical Items / Stationery items etc.)
  • Items Issue to Production Floor (Yarn / Accessories / Packing Items / Chemical Items / Stationery items etc.)
  • Winding & Twisting Production
  • Sub-Contract Management (RM/FG) (Issue, Receive, Return)
  • Stock Transfer& Adjustment
  • Physical Inventory Entry
  • Assets Location (Floor, Room) Setup
  • Fixed Assets List Setup
  • Assets Receive, Issue, Scrap, Write-Off, Movement Management
  • List of Assets (Location wise)& Assets’ Label printing
  • Asset Registers (Receive, Issue, Scrap, Write-Off, Movement/Transfer)
  • Depreciation Schedule (Month- Group – Year wise)
  • Schedule for Asset Insurance
  • Creation of Manufacturing Order following Buyer’s Order
  • Production Plan
  • Section wise Issue & Receive (Knitting, Linking, Jacquard, Semi-Auto, Mending, Knitting Inspection, Iron, Trimming, Finishing, PQC, Washing, Sewing, Final Inspection, Zipper & Button fixing, Knitting Neck)
  • Style wise Production report & Summary
  • Department and Employee wise Daily and Monthly Production
  • Production Job Card
  • Production Rate Information
  • Manufacturing Order Information
  • Sample Production Information
  • Employee and Style wise Production (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Machine and Style wise Jacquard Production (Daily, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Financial Statement Configuration
  • Cost Centre &Multi-Currency Management
  • Party (Vendor or Supplier) Setup
  • Voucher Entry & Printouts (Dr, Cr, JV) (General, Multiline) (multi-currency)
  • Yearly Closing Stock Entry
  • Yearly Budget Management
  • Salary Advance Management
  • Bank Reconciliation System
  • Financial Statements Printouts (Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash-Flow Statement, Receipt and Payment, Trial Balance)
  • Cash and Bank Book, General Ledger (multi-currency)
  • Cost Centre wise Reporting
  • Customer’s credit card/limit entry
  • Bar code option
  • Multiple counter option with user security
  • Money receipt entry for credit customer
  • Sales return option
  • Discount on invoice & on particular product
  • Periodic sales statement
  • Customer ledger & Customer ledger top sheet
  • Credit summary statement
  • Customer purchase behavior
  • New customer information for a particular period
  • Customer drop out information
  • Customer membership card & Customer purchase analysis
  • Sales invoice & Daily sales statement
  • Supplier Database
  • Customized product setup
  • Purchase entry with bar code generation option & Bar code printing option
  • Purchase return entry
  • Party ledger & Party payment option
  • Periodic purchase statement
  • Daily party ledger top sheet & all party ledger top sheet
  • Pay slip print out
  • Customer, supplier and partner support management.
  • Complete visibility of ALL customer interactions
  • Link supporting detail directly to customer or supplier calls
  • Complete sales, support, purchase history
  • Customer/Supplier service tracking and answer book
  • Integrated event calendar and alert system
  • PDA, tablet and smart phone enabled.
  • Track sales opportunities and marketing campaigns.